Planet K Affiliates


Revenue Share

Revenue Share

Join the Planet K Affiliates program and earn up to 35% commission on each player for the life of your affiliate membership!

Calculating your commission is very simple:

Commission Level Casino Gross Revenue
35% From $10,000 and up
30% From $5,000 to $9,999
25% From $0 to $4,999


What do I get paid for?

You'll begin earning commission when you send new players to Planet Kings Casino. You will earn 35% of the casino gross revenue for the players you refer to the casino.

In addition, you will earn additional commission for any new affiliates that you refer to the Planet K Affiliates program.


How does it work?

We provide you with banners and text ads that you insert into your website(s). When one of your website visitors clicks on a Planet Kings advertisement they are directed to the Planet Kings casino website with a unique tracking code attached. This code allows us to track where the player came from and calculate your commission.

Your commission is based on the casino's gross revenue from all the players you have referred. In any given month some of your referred players will win and some will lose. Your commission is based on the gross revenue which is the difference of the losses and the winnings.


Send us affiliates and earn more!

If you like our program we encourage you to advertise it and make even more money. We provide banners for you to advertise the Planet K Affiliates program the same way you advertise Planet Kings Casino. If an affiliate signs up after clicking on one of your Planet K Affiliates banners they become a sub-affiliate of yours and you receive 10% of their commission.

This is completely transparent to your sub-affiliates. The only difference is the added commission you receive. Sub-affiliates receive the same 35% commission on casino gross revenue that you receive.



We hope this is straightforward. If not, please contact support with any questions.